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InsideOCULA Newsletter: May 2015

As the winter term (and hopefully winter itself) comes to a close, we welcome the May 2015 issue of InsideOCULA. We have two new articles, and two new editors this month. I’m delighted to be introducing this issue, having just joined the editorial team as Deputy Editor a few months ago. I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce Michel Castagné, Web Initiatives Librarian at the University of Ottawa, who recently joined our team as Junior Editor.

The end of term can be a stressful time for students and employees at academic institutions, but there are various ways to help alleviate some of that stress in supportive and productive ways. In Stress Busters, this month’s Around the Province article, Evelyn Smith recounts the various initiatives taken by Brock University’s James A. Gibson Library to help manage end-of-term stress, highlighting some recent creative additions to their program of stress-busting activities.

Our Research Spotlight this month comes to us from the team of Jeanette Hatherill, Andrea Kosavic, Karen Meijer-Kline and Jacqueline Whyte Appleby. Have you ever wondered if your library is also a publisher, a hosting service, or maybe both? What’s in a Name? highlights an in-progress research project exploring the labels libraries use for themselves when providing various services related to scholarly publishing.

Vacation season may be on its way, but InsideOCULA isn’t taking the whole summer off. Look for more articles in the months ahead in our summer issues!

Graeme Campbell is the Open Government Librarian at Queen’s University Library, and Deputy Editor of InsideOCULA.

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