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Ontario Library AssociationOpen Shelf is the magazine of the Ontario Library Association (OLA). It is envisioned as a dynamic, multimedia publication with diverse content and broad popular appeal. Open Shelf is about the people, places, services, and resources that impact libraries and related organizations.

The title, Open Shelf, evokes both traditional and emerging aspects of library and information management. The concept of “open” is important in two ways: We are an open access magazine but we are also open in the sense of encouraging all views and diverse contributions. The “shelf” word echoes the library stacks and the heritage it symbolizes. A shelf is also a platform, a place to put something useful, and a location to discover the unexpected.

The logo reflects how we want Open Shelf to evolve: A home for the familiar, a challenge to the conventional, and a colourful perspective on the opportunities before us.

There are a number of ways to be informed about new Open Shelf content.

  • RSS via (or using the RSS button on the main page & side bar). Any RSS reader will work (my favourite is Feedly) and you will be notified when every new post (i.e. article) is published. Many email clients allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds.
  • Subscribe to the Table of Contents via email. For each new release of articles on Open Shelf we will be posting a “What’s New on Open Shelf?” post (i.e. a Table of Contents for that release). From the Open Shelf main page & side bar people will be able to subscribe via email to just the “What’s New” post (it has embedded links to all the new articles). Anyone can sign up this way. Subscribers can unsubscribe easily if they wish.
  • OLA Monthly Newsletter. We will post links in the regular OLA Monthly Newsletter email that will guide people to the site. Only OLA members get this newsletter.
  • Twitter. The Open Shelf twitter account, @OpenShelfOLA, will tweet about new articles. The OLA twitter account, @ONLibraryAssoc, will also feature new content links.
  • OLA website: There is a link to Open Shelf.

OLA’s official magazine Access ended its print run in early 2014.

Open Shelf features short articles (~400 to 750 words) written in a conversational tone (i.e., accessible to a broad audience). Regular features include articles, columns, visual collections (e.g. photo or video tours), podcasts, and editorials. Open Shelf enables interaction among its authors and its readers via comments, polls, linked responses, and other means to create an ongoing dialogue.

Oversight for the magazine is provided by the Open Shelf Editorial Board. Working with the Editor-in-Chief and the editorial team, the Board shapes the direction of the magazine and solicits new contributions. Interested authors are encouraged to submit a proposal, idea or draft (see the Open Shelf Publication Guidelines for more information).

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Martha Attridge Bufton, Editor-in-Chief
Open Shelf (ISSN 2368-1837)


Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this magazine are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.






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