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Ontario Library AssociationFounded in 1900, the Ontario Library Association is the oldest continually operating library association in Canada. With more than 5,000 members, the OLA is the largest library association in the country. The association is comprised of 6 divisions; 4 represent library sectors, one represents French language library interests, and one represents library technology interests. The OLA is governed by a board of directors and each division has an elected council.

The OLA is governed by a Board of Directors and has 7 division representing different aspects of the field:

Ontario College and University Library Association
Ontario Health Library and Information Association
Ontario Library and Information Technology Association
Ontario Library Boards’ Association
Ontario Public Library Association
Ontario School Library Association
L’Association des bibliothèques de l’Ontario

Whether in a formal library setting, in a commercial setting or in government, we are the people who bring information to the people of Ontario. We are:

Librarians, Technicians, School administrators, Publishers and producers, Trustees and regents, Expert supports to research and development, and Protectors of the culture.

Directors, Teacher-librarians, Experts in the organization of information and ideas, Authors, Friends of libraries, and Community catalysts.

Front line staff, Systems specialists, Financial officers, Library suppliers, Subject specialists, and Information brokers.

We provide an opportunity for the people in our field to associate, to meet, to share experience and expertise, to create innovative solutions in a constantly changing environment. Together we provide:

Networking Opportunities programs, listservs, social networks, chat groups, publications and regional meetings 

Education through publications, seminars, virtual programs and conferences 

Co-ordination of Mutual Interests and Needs through partnerships that create positions, documents and standards

Lobbying and Political Action with the public and private sector on issues that matter 

Information to maintain knowledge and program levels that affect our performance 

Services and Products that support our work, raise awareness of our value, and promote our goals


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