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Open Shelf Editorial Board
Members (2023/2024)


Open Shelf Editorial Team

Mackenzie Kathmann (Editor-in-Chief)
Jenn Watt (Editor-in-Chief)
Martha Attridge Bufton (Editorial Team Member)
Bessie Sullivan (Editorial Team Member)

Contributing Writers

Elizabeth Campbell
Claire Dionne
Brock James
Mackenzie Kathmann
Shoshana Magnet
Eden Schwartz
Bessie Sullivan
Katherine van der Linden


Open Shelf Editorial Board
Terms and conditions

Open Shelf ( is the official magazine of the Ontario Library Association. It is an open access publication issued for OLA members and interested readers as a forum for commentary on ideas, activities, trends, and issues affecting libraries and information professionals across Ontario and beyond.

Open Shelf publishes articles on topics relevant to libraries, information professionals, information technology, and information management. The magazine also includes a wide range of columns and special features.

The Open Shelf Editorial Board is responsible for the overall editorial direction, management, and production of the magazine.


Editorial Team Members
Executive Director, OLA
Marketing and Communication Manager, OLA
Marketing and Communication Specialist, OLA
Columnists, feature editors and divisional liaisons

Columnists are responsible for regular contributions around a theme, issue or perspective. The frequency of these contributions will be determined with the Editor-in-Chief but should normally not be less than four times a year.

Feature editors are responsible for a particular feature that appears regularly in Open Shelf. Typically feature editors are coordinating the work of other contributors or managing a service that appears in Open Shelf.

Members-at-large are responsible for identifying topics and ideas of potential interest to readers and for identify writers or contributors who may be interested . Members-at-large may also curate articles with specific writers or contributors throughout the editorial process. At least one member-at-large should be a designated representative of each of the OLA divisions.

Terms of membership

The Editor-in-Chief, the chair of the Editorial Board, is appointed by the OLA Board of Directors for a 1-year renewable term.

The Art Direction and Design team are determined by the OLA Executive Director in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief.

Columnists and Feature Editors will be members of the Board as long as their contributions are ongoing.

Members-at-large will serve for 3 year renewable terms. Members-at-large will be sought from throughout the OLA membership and be appointed by the Editorial Board. Members appointed by an OLA division will serve a term as specified by the appropriate division.

OLA staff members, as appropriate, will participate in Board communications and discussions but will not hold a vote should voting be necessary.


The Editorial Board will meet annually at the OLA Super Conference and conduct its business throughout the year using a variety of collaboration tools. The Board will convene digitally three times during the year with a set agenda.

Quorum and voting

As much as possible the decisions of the Board will be achieved via consensus. Should a vote be necessary, a quorum will consist of 50% of Board members and a simple majority is required to approve a motion. Voting will be done electronically.

Last updated June 28, 2023


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