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Same library, different roles

By Kasey (Mallen) Whalley

Beginning a new library position can often be a difficult endeavour; we are never sure what to fully expect when beginning a new role. When we change roles within the same library, our responsibilities and colleagues may change, but the organization we work for can be something we look to for stability, in part because the company mission, culture, and governance are often consistent across all departments. These factors, though seemingly removed from our position, can often have a major impact on our jobs, and can influence the way we work with others and complete our tasks.

What happens when we switch roles within the same library, either through secondment, promotion, or the desire for a new challenge? In this edition of From discord to discourse, Kasey speaks with liaison librarian Gouthami Vigneswaran about moving through six different positions within the same library. Gouthami says that continual professional development, participating in the whole process, and believing in the goals of the parent company are elements that are needed for a smooth and successful transition between positions in the same library. Much of her advice can be used in all types of libraries. 

Have a listen below to hear more of her story and insights.


Same library, different roles transcript

Feature photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Soundcast photo by Adri Tormo on Unsplash


Kasey (Mallen) Whalley has been working in and with libraries for over ten years. After completing her undergraduate degree in English from McMaster University, she immediately enrolled in and completed Seneca College’s Accelerated Library and information Technician program.

Gouthami Vigneswaran is the Emerging Technologies & Liaison Librarian at Sheridan College, and she has a background working in a variety of educational institutions and levels. Her current role at Sheridan is to build relationships and foster support for faculty, as well as working collaboratively with the technical services team to provide access, and maintain and support digital resource collections. 

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