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Consumer Health Report

The consumer health resources have been selected by two OHLIA council members, Amanda Caputo and Sarah Bonato.

The Merck Manuals are a widely used across the world and provide up-to-date and evidence based health information. 

Merck Manual For Professionals Merck Manual: Professional Edition

A reference text once on our shelves is now completely online for free. This aligns with Merck’s mission: “… health information is a universal right and … every person is entitled to accurate, accessible and usable medical information.”  

Their website is completely searchable and alphabetically sorted. Articles are brief and dated. It is the perfect place for quick information.

Consider adding this to your literature searches where appropriate. 

Merck Manual For Consumers Merck Manual: Consumer Version

Written specifically for consumers, articles are written at an 8th-9th grade reading level by the same doctors who also write the “professional” (clinician) versions.

For the more popular topics, longer articles have a condensed “quick facts section” that is written at a 5th grade level. 

Consider sharing this with patrons so they can find authoritative health information independently. 

All Merck content is available in English, French and 9 other languages. 

Merck Manual content is available to license in parts or as a whole FOR FREE. It can be customized and configured to fit your system. They also have the ability to do embedded links, search widgets and any other customized solutions. 

If you are interested in linking Merck from your library or organizations website, or simply want more information, contact Wisniewski, Michael E. 

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