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Image Of A Manual Typewriter With The Words From The Editor Typed On A Piece Of Paper In The Typewriter

Libraries, Books & Reading: A Critical Commentary

There has been much discussion about the future of the book and the role of the book in libraries. Much discussion. Did I say much already?

Because, let’s face it, people don’t read anymore.

At least not words.

This editorial boldly puts forward a mission and direction for libraries that cannot be denied.

When the venerable Oxford Dictionary declares that an emoji is “Word of the Year”, we are talking game changer my friends.


So, in the spirit of this momentous change, I’m writing the remainder of my controversial editorial in emojis:


And, I think, that says it all. I will have nothing further to say on the topic.

April Foolish is the CEO at the Erehwon Public Library.

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