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A writers’ story: Collaborating long-distance on a bio of Greg Giraldo

By Wayne Jones and Matt Balaker

Greg Giraldo (1965–2010) was a multi-talented fellow. A Harvard Law School graduate with an almost perfect LSAT score, he could also make people laugh about the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Greg abandoned his law career to become a successful stand-up comedian and he appeared in front of audiences across North America, including at the
Just for Laughs comedy specials.


A writers’ story transcript

Wayne Jones and Matt Balaker have written the first authoritative biography of Greg entitled
Greg Giraldo: A comedian’s story. Wayne is the University Librarian at Carleton University, while Matt is an American freelance writer. Both are huge fans of Greg Giraldo, and in this storycast (above), they share the story of their experience co-writing this book:

  • the process of working collaboratively from opposite ends of the continent (Matt lives in California and Wayne in Ontario)
  • the experience of having an official book launch at the Fat Black Pussycat comedy club in New York City and
  • pondering what Greg might think of this biography
The official book launch took place at the Fat Black Pussycat on W. Third Street in New York City (far left). The book cover (centre) features a photo of Greg Giraldo, and both Matt (on the left in the photo on the far right) and Wayne were happy to meet other enthusiastic Giraldo fans.

Feature photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Matt Balaker is a comic, writer, and former investment fund manager. He lives in Southern California with his two boys and one wife.

Wayne Jones is the University Librarian at Carleton University. He has held previous positions at Queen’s University, MIT, and the National Library of Canada, and has also worked as a freelance editor. Wayne lives in Ottawa, where the weather is great, not like in Southern California, and has zero sons and less than one wife.


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