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Seeking nominations

Nominate yourself or a colleague for an OLA Council or Board position! 

Nominations are accepted through our web submission form until November 15 each year and more information about OLA elections, as well as Council and Board roles and responsibilities, is available online

This year, nominations for the following council positions opened on September 16:

OLA Board

  • Vice President/President Elect (VP will be President following year)


  • Vice Président(e)/Président(e)Élu(e)
  • Conseiller/Conseillére  (3 positions available) (3 ans)
  • Un Conseiller-étudiant ou une conseillère-étudiante (2 ans)


  • Vice President/President Elect
  • Councillor-at-large (1 position available, 3-year term)


  • Vice President/President Elect
  • East-Central Region Councillor (final year of a 3-year term)**


  • Vice President/President Elect
  • Councillor-at-large (2 positions available 3-year term)


  • Vice President/President Elect
  • Central West Region Councillor (3-year term)
  • Southwestern Region Councillor (3-year term)
  • Northwestern Region Councillor ( 2nd year of 3-year term)


  • Vice President/President Elect
  • Central-East Region Councillor (3-year term)
  • Northern Region Councillor (final year of a 3-year term)**
  • Central West Councillor (final year of a 3-year term)**


  • All VP positions sit on the OLA board
  • ** Can run for re-election
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