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Call for Content Summer 2024 Issue

Update: the deadline for submissions has been extended until July 19th.

InsideOCULA is currently accepting submissions for the upcoming Summer 2024 issue.

An official publication of the Ontario College and University Library Association, InsideOCULA is proud to provide a forum for the exchange of perspectives and innovation across Ontario university and college libraries. We have recently worked with OCULA Council to create a Statement & actions against anti-Black racism, and we welcome submissions that share the varied and diverse experiences of library staff across the province. InsideOCULA accepts submissions of all formats (E.g., articles, videos, interviews etc.). Please see guidelines on submission requirements.

In our information-rich society, misinformation has become a serious problem that affects politics, public opinion, health decisions, and undermines our trust in institutions. From viral social media posts to fake and misleading news reports, the spread of misinformation creates significant challenges in our daily lives that call for our collective attention and action.

Misinformation is the theme for the upcoming summer edition of InsideOCULA. We are inviting submissions for content which explores initiatives, research, best practice strategies, and more aimed at addressing and combating misinformation.

Themes the InsideOCULA editorial team is looking to explore for our summer issue include:

  • The role of libraries in combating misinformation, and new dangers we face in its spread
  • What does (mis)information literacy look like with the emergence of new technology (i.e. Generative AI)?
  • ‘Misinformation in the Wild’: Innovative ways of calling out misinformation in popular media
  • Case studies of successful debunking campaigns
  • Initiatives to combat misinformation
  • Best practices for fact-checking and verifying information
  • Educational strategies to improve media literacy
  • Research related to misinformation

Have an idea not mentioned above? Please get in touch with the editorial team, InsideOCULA welcomes new ideas and can support you in sharing your experience with the larger community.

Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis. For Summer 2024 publication, please get in touch by June 28.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The InsideOCULA Team

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