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Introducing the MentorMatch Mini Series


The logo for the OLA Mentor Match program: a blue, pink, and green flame looking symbol and the words Ontario Library Association over the words Mentor Match, all in block letters

The MentorMatch program is a valuable perk offered through the Ontario Library Association that provides students and new grads a window into the professional world of libraries. As described on the program website, this program offers an opportunity to build relationships and a “safe and non-judgemental environment in which to learn.”1

This spring, we’ve collected experiences from mentor and mentee pairs to offer a glimpse into the benefits of the program, and what more participants stand to gain from signing up. We hope these reflections will provide those considering joining with a more human account than a program summary.

In this limited series, you will hear from three pairs of mentors and mentees: one whose mentee is focused in public libraries, one focused on academic libraries, and one who tackled their mentee’s mid-career pivot to libraries.

Find all three stories at the links below:

Caring networks: Reflections on our OLA MentorMatch Experience

Helping New Academic Librarians Apply What They’ve Learned: Our OLA Mentoring Experience

Two mid-life library people walk into a mentoring match…

Do you have questions about the OLA MentorMatch program? Interested in becoming a mentor or mentee? Visit the MentorMatch website or contact

1OLA MentorMatch. (2013, June 20). OLA Mentoring.

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