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Alissa Droog

Alissa Droog is the Education & Social Sciences Librarian at Northern Illinois University, and previously worked as the Digital Literacies Resident Librarian at the…

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Michelle Brailey

Michelle Brailey is a Digital Initiatives Projects Librarian. She supports services for open educational resources at the University of Alberta Library. (

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Sarah Adams

Sarah Adams is currently looking for new opportunities, and previously worked as a Sessional Librarian at the University of Alberta with a specialization in…

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Jane Dennis-Moore

Jane is a zealous photographer-creator-gone-teacher-librarian. She is currently settling into her new library location at a Brampton elementary school. Previously, she enjoyed the bustling…

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Alison Clarke

Alison Clarke is the Coordinator, Performance Measures & Data, at Brampton Library. Alison designs data collection systems, and is currently working on modelling branch…

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Mai Ishihara

Mai Ishihara is an cultural anthropologist and assistant professor at Hokkaido University. Her grandmother was Ainu (i.e., an Indigenous person of Japan). Mai is…

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