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Jane Dennis-Moore

Jane is a zealous photographer-creator-gone-teacher-librarian. She is currently settling into her new library location at a Brampton elementary school. Previously, she enjoyed the bustling…

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Alison Clarke

Alison Clarke is the Coordinator, Performance Measures & Data, at Brampton Library. Alison designs data collection systems, and is currently working on modelling branch…

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Mai Ishihara

Mai Ishihara is an cultural anthropologist and assistant professor at Hokkaido University. Her grandmother was Ainu (i.e., an Indigenous person of Japan). Mai is…

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Open Shelf

What’s new in Open Shelf: September 2020

Is it fall yet? Somehow, time and space seem to have collapsed over the past six months and even the seasons don’t necessarily feel discrete right now.  Plus, global warming contributes to a sense of life being off kilter as well, as fluctuating temperatures and volatile storms bring uncertainty to each day. However, our lineup this month reflects our capacity to survive and thrive despite the unpredictability of pandemics, weather, and just change in general.
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