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Challenge and transitions

In this limited series, Dr. Shoshana Magnet shares some of the picturebooks that she believes are powerful agents of social transformation and positive change. This month, as the country slowly begins to open and we see changes all around us, she reviews two books that are about the challenge of transitions, including how simultaneously scary and wonderful they can be. 
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A Stylized Painting Of Children Celebrating Their Diversity

Weeding as an anti-racist practice: A conversation with Dr. Monica Eileen Patterson

Collection management is an important component of library work in part because the materials on our shelves reflect our deepest cultural beliefs and experiences. I am learning from my colleague, Dr. Monica Eileen Patterson, withdrawing some of Dr. Seuss' books from publication is the right thing to do because children should not be exposed to racist imagery and stereotypes. And yet, there may be times when we might still need access to some of these texts in order to understand how racism operates in our communities.
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Acknowledging Territory

The Ontario Library Association (OLA) would like to acknowledge the territory and land on which we are gathering.   The region known as Tkaronto (Ta-ka-ron-toe) was and remains, a gathering…

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Modern Art Week

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