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What’s new in Open Shelf: November 2020

So, we’ll bend Tom Jones’s lyrics for Try to remember:

Try to remember the kind of November
When life was slow[er] and oh, so mellow[er].
Try to remember the kind of November
When grass was [not longer] green and grain [not] so yellow.
Try to remember [this] kind of November
. . . And if you remember then follow, [follow], [follow].

This iconic song is from the Broadway musical The Fantasticks . . . and so appropriate as we almost close out 2020: a year most fantastick.

This month we are finishing off some two multi-part articles, one on creating an open educational resource and the other on evaluating information related to Indigenous-Crown relations. We are also continuing our profile of school librarians and bringing you a new column (Technical expertise) and two features: One on celebrating Hallowe’en safely and the other on finding the right web conferencing tool.

Here are the articles, in the order that they appear in the magazine.


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