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E-learning in Libraries Symposium: Fostering Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange in Digital Learning 

The E-Learning in Libraries Symposium, organized by library professionals, shares advancements in e-learning initiatives across various libraries in Canada. In its 10th year, it continues to promote collaboration and community among professionals adapting to digital learning landscapes, hybrid work environments, and AI integration.

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Hear to listen … Ici et tout ouïe

Have a strong feeling about something you read in Open Shelf? What to share your thoughts? Write a letter to the editor. 

Transformative conversation(s)

We take to heart the responses from Ontario Library Association (OLA) community members to the Open Shelf column Safe Spaces, and specifically the most recent post on race and privilege.

Cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Mandissa Arlain is a library technician at the Ryerson University Library and Archives.

Race matters

When I was thinking of a suitable title for this month’s column a number of ideas came to mind including “Decolonization is not a metaphor” and “Acknowledgement is not enough.”

The Spark: Community-led initiatives at Brockville Public Library

In endeavoring to to meet the needs of our communities, we as library staff have to ignite the sparks.

Sharks, dinosaurs, outer space and more … Building comprehensive virtual reality programming

Virtual Reality (VR) is an emerging technology that aligns perfectly with our collective service goals to foster innovation and discovery.

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Mark Zuckerberg believes that eventually virtual reality will be part of everyday life for billions of people. Do you agree?

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