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Becoming the University of Toronto Music Library: Wrapping Up our 100th Anniversary Year

In 1921, the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto (which had been established in 1918) took over the operation of what was then the Toronto Conservatory of Music’s library. This month, we wrap up the series by looking back at the ways we celebrated this year.

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The mid-career malaise of a library cat

Questions like “Why am I here?” “What are my future goals?” and “What the fluff am I doing with my life?” are all perfectly normal during your mid-career moment. Here are the top five ways that library cats can battle the mid-career blahs with cat-itude!

Staffless libraries: Have they been hacked, or worse, are they alive?

You may have heard that some libraries have removed staff members from the equation so automatic doors and machines can greet patrons. Artificial intelligence allows libraries to provide this staffless branches option to patrons. However, they may be causing a larger problem. We’ve learned that the machines in one public library may have developed a mind of their own!

To leave or not to leave: The case of Ex-Libris, the Remainders and the Library Union

In 2016, mayhem was unleashed when the Ontario Library Association (OLA) departed from the Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA). The assumption was that the OLA would depart from the CFLA in an orderly and a swift fashion. That assumption was wrong.

Disquiet, in charcoal

A relatable, library-themed, short story.

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