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Ebook Convenience Trumps Print Book Preference in Post-COVID Academic Libraries

Music materials are unique items in the library world and must be approached in ways that consider the many different formats and content types. James Mason provides an examination of the considerations that factor into describing music materials so they can be found.

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Librarians Without Borders: 10 years of connections in Guatemala

Neither distance nor geopolitics prevent librarians and library school students with Librarians Without Borders from making the annual trek to the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy In Guatemala.

Beguiling grief: Receiving positive support for loss in the workplace

Acknowledging grief in the workplace is critical to building trust and to ensuring that staff members can respond to the loss of a colleague in a healthy and a productive way.

InsideOCULA newsletter: April 2019

In this month’s issue of InsideOCULA, we begin by continuing our look at renewal initiatives, then explore special collections and events in two Ontario university libraries. Lastly, we have the final installment of the OCULA president’s column by Melanie Parlette-Stewart.

Two views on inclusivity

A conversation between Rashed Ahmad and Todd Kyle that offers two perspectives on inclusivity as it relates to the library world.

“Proud of the work you do”: A conversation with Tanya Talaga

The annual Thunder Bay Diversity Breakfast fulfills a very specific mission: To work towards an inclusive, equitable community free of racism and discrimination of any kind.

I won’t be levelling the library … and here’s why

I have a wealth of training and have done (and continue to do) a plethora of professional reading on learning to read … the reality is that even the experts cannot quite agree on the “just right” approach.

The last bastion of democracy

When bad things happen, we should become even more open rather than follow the normal but very human response of condemnation and then censorship.

Kids’ lit folks: Join the OLA Best Bets Committee

The OLA Best Bets Committee is inviting you to apply to one of four positions currently open on the committee.

Journée congrès: L’ABO-Franco

Le conseil francophone de l’Association des bibliothèques de l’Ontario (L’ABO-Franco) recherche des professionnels de l’information qui désireraient présenter une communication.

Claim this space

This particular blank space is waiting for members of the Ontario Library Association (OLA) community to fill it up, decorate it, contribute.

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