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What’s new in Open Shelf: October 2020

Pandemic: (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world…and a magazine. Again, we feature stories that capture our experiences during this “time of COVID-19”: articles about our resilience and capacity to be innovative while coping with the complete disruption of our work lives and services as well as stories that emphasize the real need for the public services that institutions such as libraries provide. The individual and collective benefits of these services are not only practical (e.g., access to printing) but also emotional and psychological.

We also continue to highlight the important and creative work done by teacher-librarians, the use of technology to make teaching core academic skills more effective, and the need for library and museum staff to support and celebrate the Ainu, the Indigenous Peoples of Japan.

Finally, we are eagerly awaiting interest from OLA members who would like to join the Open Shelf team, either as the deputy editor or the editor-in-chief. While we’ve set deadlines, we will continue to welcome applications until these key positions are filled. This is a good time to volunteer for Open Shelf. The current team members are dedicated, creative and collaborative. And there is no shortage of stories to tell.

Here are the articles you can read this month, in the order that they appear in the magazine.


Yellow and pink balloons with smiles



How did Charlotte Bronte create life? She invented Eyre.




And don’t forget to take our poll this month: Is your library offering curbside pickup and, if so, what’s your turnaround time?

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