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E-learning in Libraries Symposium: Fostering Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange in Digital Learning 

The E-Learning in Libraries Symposium, organized by library professionals, shares advancements in e-learning initiatives across various libraries in Canada. In its 10th year, it continues to promote collaboration and community among professionals adapting to digital learning landscapes, hybrid work environments, and AI integration.

Features and Columns

Unpacking offence and harm

“Offence and harm” is one of our core editorial principles and it may be problematic as many of us may not fully understand either the legal definition and implications of this concept.

InsideOCULA Newsletter: December 2018

It’s December, that time of year when we routinely take stock of the year that was, and look forward to the year that will be.

Celebrations: Holiday season in small libraries

They may be small, but they have a mighty impact! Small, rural and medium-sized libraries are doing their part to ensure the communities they support have a wonderful holiday season.

Dinner for one: The holiday classic you’ve probably never heard of

Come the holiday season, there seem to be few topics of conversation less controversial than deciding upon which is the perfect movie to ring in the end of the year (team Princess Bride here), but in a big part of Europe this question isn’t up for debate.

Are you stressed? Boosting resiliency at work

As library staff, we all deal with stressful situations such as a person haggling over $1.50 in fines shrinking budgets and rising costs. Whether we’re up north or down south, reflection and sleep can boost our resiliency and stress-wrangling capacity.

A library is: PLACE

A library is “a building housing a collection of books available to the public.” Isn’t it? After thirty-five years, my ideas about libraries as places have evolved to include spaces for browsing, discovering and relaxing.

Cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Arvind Singh is the chair of the OLA Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Committee and works at the Hamilton Public Library.

“Twenty Questions” works: Recommending e-resources

For library staff, it is important to assess whether or not a patron is interested in formats other than print.

Unlevel playing field

White middle class professional library values can create an unlevel playing field for Indigenous organizations and individuals. How? By privileging one world view over another.

Monica Socol

Monica Socol manages the Digital Technology Services team ats the Hamilton Public Library …

Super Conference 2019: Unleash your inner editor

We all have something to say but not always the opportunity, experience or technical expertise to share our ideas out to the OLA community.

For-credit IL courses: Do you teach one?

Academic librarians teach one-shot information literacy (IL) sessions but some of us deliver for-credit IL courses.

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