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Ebook Convenience Trumps Print Book Preference in Post-COVID Academic Libraries

Music materials are unique items in the library world and must be approached in ways that consider the many different formats and content types. James Mason provides an examination of the considerations that factor into describing music materials so they can be found.

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Hollywood me! Hollywood you?: Communicating with a Gami

Want to catch everyone’s attention instead of writing a long email (that most people probably won’t read)? Tired of repeating yourself to each new group at a school event? Well, Tellagami is for you!

Popular cream: Streaming, collections and access for all

Each time communication and media markets shift, changes may not necessarily benefit those of us who ultimately consume the content.

Librarians on a “Leave for Change”

Leave for Change is a programme that sends volunteers on three-week assignments to developing countries. Juliene McLaughlin tells Wayne Johnston about her first overseas assignment.

Note to self: Schedule time for self-care

We schedule a lot to do or are scheduled to do a lot. One thing that may be missing from our agendas is self-care.

For good measure: Custom-building a tool for tracking greenhouse gases

When Erin Turnbull had the chance to build a tool for measuring the daily greenhouse gas output of agricultural soil, she seized the opportunity, using one of the laser cutters at the Ottawa Public Library to do so.

Changing times, changing spaces: Reshaping school libraries to align with organizational goals

The Grand Erie District School Board has transformed five school libraries in less than two years, with plans to complete more in the coming school year. We have focused on improving traditional libraries (most are 30 to 40 years old) by developing learning commons spaces.

Indigenous voices: An interview with Terri Meekis

The Wabauskang First Nation Public Library (WFNPL) is one of the newest public libraries to be built on a reserve in Ontario.

Darin White

We showcase some of the great library professionals currently working with technology, get to know them, and share their experiences.

Even RA in a Day is about more than just books

Very few people only read books. And we have to keep up with all the formats! While RA is typically considered to be just about books, the days when well-constructed stories appeared only between the pages of a book have greatly diminished.

Calling all editors: InsideOCULA

The Ontario College & University Library Association (OCULA) is accepting applications for a volunteer Editor for InsideOCULA.

Journée congrès: L’ABO-Franco

Le conseil francophone de l’Association des bibliothèques de l’Ontario (L’ABO-Franco) recherche des professionnels de l’information qui désireraient présenter une communication.

Claim this space

This particular blank space is waiting for members of the Ontario Library Association (OLA) community to fill it up, decorate it, contribute.

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