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Humber Libraries: The pursuit of enhancing staff skills with the help of a tech trio

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Cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Rhea Smith is the Chair of the OLA Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

Save the date!

The inaugural Little Branches, Rural Roots Library Conference will take place at the Arnprior Public Library on October 4 and 5, 2019: Join us!

Buy, borrow, bypass: The current landscape of ebooks in libraries

Famously, the shift to e-reading is where the latest challenge lies for libraries. All of the “Big Five” North American publishers have been testing out strategies to continue to deliver ebook content to libraries without losing money on book sales. Their strategies promise to do nothing more than cause upheaval to the publishing market.

A library is: MURDER

What’s the connection between libraries and murder? Have you ever noticed how often murders are solved by library staff, are committed by librarians or occur in a library? Rudi Denham offers a selection of books from the crime genre that involve libraries/librarians.

Is librarianship a profession?

Open for all? offers a “think piece” rather than an intellectual analysis. Columnist John Pateman shares his personal observations on issues, and his columns are designed to promote discussion and professional debate. He has arrived at his conclusions after 40…

Finding meaning in these trying times: Thoughts from a public library manager

Lately, being an administrator for a public library in Ontario has been a pretty grim proposition, but a recent experience has left me hopeful.

RA core competencies & toolkit

Emma Primeau highlights the OPLA “Reader Services Core Competencies and RA Toolkit”.  This resource is a one-stop shop for all the tips, tools and continuing education to fuel a simple, practical and integrated approach to inclusive Readers’ Advisory that is geared to your community.

Darcy Glidden

This month, The Library IT Crowd features Darcy Glidden.

Open call for applications

Would you like to work as a member of a creative team that shares stories about libraries in Ontario? Then consider volunteering as the Open Shelf story editor.

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