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Mi Yoon

Mi Yoon graduated from U of T in 2021.  She has worked at Bennett Jones and McMaster University.  She is on the OLA Special Libraries Committee. You can contact Mi at mi.yoon [at]    

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Librarians need an MLIS: True or false?

To have a degree or not to have a degree? That is indeed the question … for our panellists and also clearly for many of us in the library profession. Join us for our live panel discussion.

Finnish public libraries integrate diverse services to support equity & inclusion

Finnish public libraries are mandated to provide equal access to materials and services for all citizens, and staff are pushing the boundaries of how access is defined, by widening the scope of service offerings.

Solving the child care riddle

A friend and I are both looking for work in libraries and expect to work evening and weekend shifts. We both have children who need adequate child care while we’re at work.

Connecting students to seniors: Channelling exam stress into creative card-making at U of T Libraries

Sabrina Macklai, Kaitlin Fuller, and Vincci Lui share a project that combined student wellness and community outreach during the winter holidays.

Free to read and share (or not): “What are you reading?”

Asking somebody what they are reading is a simple but loaded question, particularly when responding to an adult: We have the right to different tastes and reading choices.

Three pieces of advice for new managers

I have worked in the library world for 25 years, with all sorts of managers, and have a perhaps unique perspective on leadership styles. Here are my three best pieces of advice for new managers.

Taking responsibility: An information-seeking journey to understanding Indigenous-federal relations

Unpacking an “abrogation of responsibility” by looking at governance and into the tensions between the Indian Act and rights created under both the Constitution of Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Claim this space

This particular blank space is waiting for members of the Ontario Library Association (OLA) community to fill it up, decorate it, contribute.

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