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Reviving the Pages: Open Shelf Magazine Returns!

The team at Open Shelf has returned after our end-of-summer break reinvigorated. We enjoyed our “time off,” but are just as excited to meet the challenges and joys of the autumnal season.

Features and Columns

Trick or treat, lots to eat …. In the drive-thru

Many families and communities changed up their Hallween fesitivites this year and went to the library drive-thru to show off their costumes and collect treats.

Raising your profile: Open Shelf social media update

Promoting Open Shelf over social media has become more important than ever. We’ve got a new approach to ensuring that your stories get noticed and read.

The joys of job hunting

My journey to a library technician position began five months before graduation. Starting so early helped me relax gave me the time to do the necessary research, refine and alter my approach, and face rejections.

Taking responsibility: A single source may be CRAP when talking about governance

In this third installment, we look at the CRAP test, a method for thinking critically about information and sources, and then use it to unpack Diane Francis’s within wider debates in Aboriginal law and Indigenous critical theory.

Transitions in uncertainty: a message from the InsideOCULA Editor-in-chief

Rob Makinson introduces the new editorial team, shares some magazine updates, and reflects on volunteerism during a pandemic.

Amplifying the voices of school libraries: Spotlight on Jonelle St. Aubyn

I am intrigued with the work of fabulous secondary teacher librarian, Jonelle St. Aubyn. Her practice is both familiar and innovative.

APA tutorial take two: The benefits of OERs and Pressbooks across sectors

Open educational resources (OERs) can facilitate the creation of online tutorials and helpful resources—across sectors. And platforms like Pressbooks help create effective OERs.

Recovery phases for a new library—Weeks of moving, selling, and unpacking!

One of the challenges of working through a pandemic has been to complete activities that were well in the works prior to a transformative change in working conditions—like moving into a new library.

< Code of conduct/ >: Call for coding stories

These days, library staff in many departments have an interest in related issues, including coding. Pitch us your coding story ideas.

Comfort and joy: Call for winter/holiday stories

The holidays are approaching quickly…and they will be different this year. Twas the night before…? Send us your stories.

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