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The new model public library

Someone will have to pay for all the government money being used to get us through the COVID-19 crisis. This will usher in a newer, longer and deeper era of austerity and a new understanding of what defines a “model public library.”
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To be perfect or not

Many of us are busy making instructional videos so that we can teach or provide needed services online. But how do we battle our need for the perfect performance? And many times do we re-record before we think we've got our final product?
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Image Of A Manual Typewriter With The Words From The Editor Typed On A Piece Of Paper In The Typewriter

No Fool’s Day

We at Open Shelf didn’t publish an April Fool’s issue .. now is not the time for pranks, even those focused on satirical articles, short stories and mystery podcasts. What do people (readers) need right now? Positivity and something to do.
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